MATJAR Shipping Cost Calculator

Approximate Weight:
Approximate Dimensions: X X
Maximum Weight Matjar can ship is 30 Kg, either for actual or dimensional weight

Duty & Tax Information

The Oman de minimis value is the declared value of your shipment below which duty and tax will not apply. If you are importing a shipment with a total declared value LESS than this amount, duty and tax do not apply (certain products may be subject to other types of fees or taxes). Duties and taxes are not included in your shipping costs, and members are responsible for paying any charges due upon delivery.

  • De minimis Value for Duty: 0 OMR
  • De minimis Value for Tax: 0 OMR

Our Advantage:

We notify you of any prohibited or broken merchandise before shipment, so you do not incur shipping costs, duties or taxes on items you need to return to US stores.

Transit Times

Average transit times from Matjar to Oman:

  • 5 to 7 business days
  • All shipping originates in Sarasota, Florida, USA.
  • Shipping can be paid in cash upon collection of items at one of Oman Post Branches or via Door to Door service

Our Advantage:

Members have access to our huge database of shipping options and rates, so they can always choose the fastest or most cost-effective delivery method

We're your partner through the entire shopping and shipping process.

Shopping at any US online store is easy with help from Matjar. Become a member, receive a Matjar address and ship items from US merchants to our distribution center. Once we receive your purchase, we will help you export everything right to your door.