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Check Package:

We check your packages to verify sizes, quantity, etc.

Package Receipt Photos

We can take photos of each package and its contents upon its arrival at our facility. You can then purchase these photos to verify the condition of the goods at this point of the shipment process.

Advanced Photos

You can request advanced photos of the contents of your package.

Discard Shoebox

We will discard shoeboxes upon request to reduce the package size and weight

Fragile Stickers

If you are shipping fragile items (glass, ceramics, etc.) then we recommend adding fragile stickers to inform the courier to be more careful when handling the package.

Extra Padding

If an item requires extra padding in addition to what we already provide.

Special Shipping Instructions

You can include special instructions for a shipment if you want it packed a certain way, etc.


You can insure against the unlikely loss, damage or theft of your shipment.